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Terms And Conditions

Please can you follow the bellow rules. Any braking of minor terms and conditions will be issued with a warning, followed by a ban. Any braking of more extreem ones, will result in a permanent ban.

Please do not post any links, or adresses signaling direction to external sites without permission (meaning sites such as you-tube and not google images), since this is allowed for moderators and as a reward.

No abuse or "cyber-bullying" allowed. Will result in a permanent ban. 

Swearing is allowed as long as it is not abusive or offensive.

No rude or offending images to be posted on the site, and that includes as a display picture. 

I would not recommend posting  any  personal details to anybody on this site.

Thank you for following the Terms and Conditions. They will be frequently updated and severely enforced. If you have any query's please contact the site manager, and report any problems to either me or a moderator.