GammoGames-Step Into The Future

Competition 6 is over!

Lilredder is the winner. He said 7 but the correct answer is 6. He was the closest so he will become moderator and will have access to the moderator page.

Well Done. 


Liam is the winner. He  red 6 points out of a possible 8. He wins the azing desktop background.


COMPETITION 4 has ended....

The winner of competition 4, a very short compotition, and the person who will get to load there game/animation onto this sit issssss....

Lilredder!!!!!! He said that there are going to be 12 levels, when in fact there will be 10....

He was the closest so... well done!!   

COMPETITION 3 Has Ended!!!

Hey guys. No one seemed to know my story... so i think i will tell you it. When I was younger I played Star wars battlefront on the PS2. When the game had ended I saw that the clones were called Gammo followed by a number. I then called my saved data gammo, then my pendrive, and then my site e.c.t. The reason the storm troopers were called gammo is because it is a  gun attachment.

  Although liam was right about the gun part, that ws not an answer to my question. My question was why did I call it gammo, not "what is gammo" as lots of people seemed to think.

 I am going to award the prize to "Charlton" as he answered the question and had reasoning. Well done Charlton... 


Competition 2 ended

The second competition has ended.The winner and the prizes are as follows:

Your prize: You will become a moderator. You will receive moderator benefits and ect. The moderator password will be inboxed to you. This will allow you to ban members, delete comments and much more.

Competition 1 ended

 The first competition has ended. The winners will be listed bellow. All of the people who got the answer correct were put into a hat and had their names drawn from it

In first place: cb58adam 

Well done! You get to think of an idea for a short game! You also get to download the game first when it is finished. You will also be mentioned in the new games credits.

Second place: Sharkyyy0108

Congrats, you get to download the game first when its finished. You will also be mentioned in the new games credits. 

Third Place:  Liamattridge

Good work,  you will be mentioned in the new games credits.

Unlucky to every one who didn't win. The right answer was D)4. Thank you every one and better luck next time.